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8 Reasons Why an Event App is a Must-have for Your Next Event

Mobile Event apps provide a unique opportunity to planners to transform their event experiences. It also provides attendees with an interactive alternative to event brochures and networking and connecting with fellow participants. However, getting an event app is an investment that needs deliberations on cost, benefits and adoption. In this blog, we will discuss the top 8 reasons why you need a mobile event app and how you can leverage it to create engaging events and an “oomph factor” for your attendees.


  1. Save printing cost

Event brochures are a thing of the past. While many “stone-age” organizers still believe in printed programs and brochures, it certainly adds a cost to your event. With razor-thin budgets, mobile event app can be your one stop shop for all event content. It not only saves your printing cost but also helps you create environment-friendly, green event. With all event content in one app, you can forget about printing logistics such as how many brochures to print, how to incorporate last-minute program changes, etc.

Going paperless with an event app implies that program changes can be easily made and quickly communicated with attendees. Eliminating printing material is beneficial for both your budget and the environment.

  1. Provide the entire program

A mobile event app allows participants to access all the event related information in the palm of their hands. Attendees can navigate additional multimedia resources such as presentation slides of the presenter, speaker bios, exhibitor stand, session details and other event-related videos. Getting a mobile app means that attendees don’t have to carry bulky event programs. The event venue can also be easily navigated with several floor plan views and precise markers.

  1. Increase networking

Networking is one of the top reasons why people attend events. An event app is a valuable resource to increase networking at events. It not only allows attendees to have up-to-date information in a single place, but also gives them a platform to connect with other attendees pre-, during, and post-event. Attendees can also access social profiles and keep the conversation going. Some event apps are intuitive enough to even allow matchmaking between attendees and exhibitors on the trade show floor. By matching the right exhibitor and with the right attendee, participants not only derive value from your event but also keep coming back to your event year after year.

  1. Create personalised experiences

Mobile event app gives your attendees a personalised experience of your event. Participants can use it to create a personalized schedule and only attend the sessions they are interested in. Not only this, with the app, they can sync and view their preferences across different devices.

  1. Boost engagement

Nobody likes dull, boring events with long speaker monologues. Boosting engagement at events has taken the center stage in the last few years. If you are struggling to increase engagement, then mobile event app can help. With a mobile app, you can create live polls and show the results in real-time. Gamification at events has also been in vogue for some time now. Create games based on your event’s theme and allow people to play it through the app. Games at the event can be a real icebreaker and skyrocket networking at events.

If that is not enough, use the app to collect feedback before, during and after your event. This is a great way to know what your attendees think of your event and how you can further improve it the next time. Gather information on topics, content, venue, presentations, etc. It is the key to creating successful events.

  1. Build your community

An event app is not just relevant on the day of the event. You can use it throughout the year provided you keep updating the content and offer useful information. It is a great way to build a community, engage participants and create a recall value of your organisations. Some of the content that you can update include news and publications, industry insights, best practices, etc. Once you update any content, make sure you send a push notification through the app to your attendees.

  1. Increase sponsorship revenue

Event app can boost your ROI by increasing sponsorship opportunities. It allows sponsors to get exposure to a specific target audience and is a direct channel for sponsors to be shown in front of the right audience at the right time. The advantage of a mobile event app is that it lets the sponsors stay in front of the audience for a longer period of time since the app once installed can be used before, during and after the event.

  1. Real time event analytics
    Event data is valuable. It can give insights into key event data such as attendee engagement and attendance. This data can help you improve your events and prove the ROI. Event mobile app makes it easy for you to collect event data in real-time like never before. Use this data to make enhancements during your planning stage and ultimately improve the event experience and ROI.



In today’s world, attendees don’t want an event app, they expect it. They want to be more involved in the event and participate at all levels possible. An intuitive event app critical to meet your attendees’ expectations and provides them a means for communicating, collaborating and interacting before, during and after the event. Event apps helps event planners to be more efficient, save time and money and ultimately improve attendee event experience. It has revolutionised the way events are planned and managed on-site.


Event apps have become an industry standard with notable benefits for both participants and planners. Are you ready to take the next steps? mobile

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