5 Top Tools for Lead Capture at Events

Capturing leads is a top priority for companies thinking of setting up a booth at your trade show, exhibition or event. Therefore, it is important that you provide your exhibitors with a great lead retrieval app so that they can quickly sign on the dotted line. Presenting you our list of top 5 lead retrieval app for trade shows. Once deployed, these tools will not only help your exhibitors capture and manage leads but will also enhance the overall attendee experience. Based on your budget and feature requirements, choose the one that fits the bill!


A new addition to lead retrieval app provider is Yellobox. This tool is affordable and scalable depending upon your requirements. The lead retrieval app is inside a portable yellow colored box and all the data flows through one Yellohub. The hub is connected to the cloud and is kept at the venue.  Yellobox allows exhibitors and attendees to exchange contact information, disburse content and score leads without the help of an app, bluetooth or beacons. All you need is to provide a yellocard along with the badge. The card is then subsequently tapped on the yelloboxes to capture content. It allows exhibitors to capture attendee details and score them based on their interaction at the event. The report can be exported in Excel format at any time during or after the event. The lead retrieval app allows organisers and exhibitors to view valuable, real-time analytics, based on the information captured by the Yellocard.


Leadature is an app-based lead retrieval solution that allows mobile devices to be named so that sales people can easily track the leads recorded in the devices. To store a lead, exhibitors have to scan the QR codes on attendees’ badges and qualify each lead with customised surveys. Leadature allows you to take notes and comments before saving the lead in the system for better follow up. Leadature lead retrieval app also enables exhibitors to send an email to contacts with digital content pre-uploaded in the system.

To capture attendee information, the tool allows taking photographs of business cards and save directly into the tool. However, there is one limitation. Information of the photographed business cards cannot be read by leading CRMs, forcing the exhibitor to manually put the information. Leadature also provides real-time dashboards displaying critical information such as the total number of leads collected, leads collected per hour and leads collected by the device. The lead information can be then exported in Excel format or directly into a CRM system.


Poken is a lead retrieval app that uses smart badges with “Touch to Collect” microchips. Starting at $9,000 (£6,940), it allows exhibitors to upload their content into Touchpoints that can be placed anywhere around the venue. Attendees can collect this information by tapping their smart badge on the sensor. By doing so, they agree to opt-in and leave their digital business card. This way, the exhibitor has all the relevant information of attendees who stop by their booth.

Poken also allows event organisers to see attendee movement and interactions with various exhibitors with full reporting metrics. It is also known to boost attendee networking by permitting attendees to exchange contact details by tapping their badges together. The limitation of this solution is the excessive reliance on the hardware.


Perhaps one of the most comprehensive Lead Retrieval App is provided by Eventdex, which allows exhibitors to seamlessly connect with attendees. The intuitive app ensures higher ROI by connecting exhibitors to the right attendees. It permits exhibitors to scan the leads, qualify, connect and interact, send collaterals and do much more, all real-time, thereby increasing the overall event engagement. Some of the other features of Eventdex’s lead retrieval app are – one tap lead scanning, content sharing, real-time interaction between exhibitors and attendees, lead qualification and scoring, seamless integration with leading CRMs and schedule follow ups after the event is over.


Noodle Live

The lead retrieval app provided by Noodle Live uses a blend of radio frequency identification (RFID) enabled badges, Swipepoints and a mobile app. Swipepoints can be used by attendees to gather event content and check-in to sessions. The collected content can then be accessed by an event app and is stored in the cloud. The app also includes several other important features such as schedules, floor plans and speaker bio.

Noodle Live also gives exhibitors handheld Swipepoints to swap information directly between a sales representative and an attendee. By swiping the attendee’s badge, the exhibitor can instantly capture attendee data, share documents or add notes and tags to the information captured. The drawback of this system is that the exhibitor gets the entire event information within eight hours after the event has concluded. The lack of real-time data limits the exhibitors to tweak the event based on the response of the people on the floor.

Final words

Having a lead retrieval app at trade shows proves not only your ROI but also of your exhibitors. Providing a lead capture app also makes it convenient for attendees to collect digital content from the exhibitors they meet. This eliminates the need for attendees to carry heavy brochures and creates green events. For exhibitors, they leave with a bunch of highly relevant leads, organised according to their preference and scoring, enabling them to instantly start their post-event marketing campaigns.

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