Top Five ways to Manage Onsite Event Registration like a Pro

The day of the event is by far the most nerve-wracking day of any event organiser’s life. Checking attendees into the events with a clipboard in hand and a registration desk full of name badges is not something you are unfamiliar with. But if this how your typical event still looks like, then you must stop right now.

In the age of disruptive technologies, there are certainly several solutions like on-site event registration app that can help you manage event registration with ease and make you an event pro. The best part of this technology is that it won’t leave a hole in your pocket apart from saving a ton of your time, reducing stress and decreasing manual paperwork at the registration desk. To help you with on-site event registration, here are our top 5 ways in which an on-site event registration app can help you manage your events like a pro.

  1. Ditch manual check-in

An on-site event registration app is the perfect way to say goodbye to the trestle tables and present a professional welcome for your attendees. All on-site event registration integrate seamlessly with your event’s pre-registration details to quickly check attendees into the event. By using technology to check attendees into the event, you don’t need to sort all the badges a night before and take a lot of time sifting through them on the day of the event. In other words, an on-site event check-in app saves you time by quickly finding your attendees’ names in the system and checking them in with just a single click!

Create self-check-in kiosks

Several on-site event check-in apps allow your attendees to check themselves into the event through handy onsite registration kiosks. Set up these mobile kiosks at few entries of the venue so that your attendees don’t have to find a registration desk at your event. These kiosks can be branded and customised to match your event theme. Some kiosks also allow badge printing. But this is not a standard feature and comes as an add-on. The self-serve kiosks also save a lot of time and reduce check-in queues because check-in is immediate and simple. Just pre-load your registrant’s list into the software and see the software in action. Irrespective of using the app or kiosk, both these give you the capability to check who has arrived and who hasn’t in real-time. All this data can be exported and is a valuable gold mine to do a post-event follow up.

Print badges

Like we mentioned before, on-site badge printing and scanning is not a standard with on-site event registration app, but can be added on. But this can be extremely handy if brought as an add-on since it allows you to save money in pre-printing badges and having numerous follow up with the vendors printing it. If you have an on-site badge printing and scanning technology at your event then you can print badges for your attendees when they check in. This way, you won’t end up printing badges for no-shows and save money and paper! These on-site badge printed badges are also customisable and can be matched according to the brand and theme of the event. Look like an event pro and impress your attendees by checking them in and printing their badges on-site!

Reduce manual errors

When you rely on technology, you probably end up making less human errors. As it is, event planning is one of the top 10 stressful jobs. With all the stress and last minute glitches, human errors are bound to creep in, errors like misspelling that can annoy your attendees in many ways. Just imagine, you send the name list for printing only to find out that 4-5 names in the badges have been misspelt by the vendor. Such errors are agonising and can make you look highly unprofessional even though it wasn’t your mistake in the first place. To reduce such small yet significant errors, use an on-site event registration app that will reduce the errors by printing badges with the name provided by your attendees. With one less thing to worry about, you can focus on other ways to make your on-site event registration as smooth as possible.

Collect payment on-site from walk-in attendees

For walk-in registrants, an on-site event registration app allows you to collect payment and let them attend your event. It is one of the best ways to increase registrations. It is not uncommon that registrants get their colleague/friends to events without informing the event organisers. Catching up with walk-in registrants can be an uphill task without proper help. To look like an event pro, use an event registration app to register last-minute registrants and collect payments/event fee from them.

Final Thoughts

Cost wise, it’s a no-brainer that investing in an easy to use online event registration app will save you a lot of time and money. These event registration tools will assist you in creating a professional and quality first impression from the moment your attendees enter the venue to the post-event follow up communication with them!

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