Online Event Management Software Features & Benefits

Events are one of the most effective marketing tactics for any organisation. With the right event management software, you can efficiently plan events and see a strong return on investment. Most of the people prefer live events due to the networking opportunities it provides to an audience facing the same pain points.  Despite all the advances in technology, there’s still nothing more powerful and effective than live events. Human interaction is still valuable because at the end of the day people do business with people and not machines. But hosting an event can be painstaking if done manually – they take considerable time and effort to execute.

The ultimate goal of any B2B marketing event must always be to provide a good impression of its business. If done correctly, it can provide higher ROI and keep your attendees coming back for more. Since events have the capability to represent a brand in a holistic way, you need to ensure that it is executed smoothly and professionally from beginning to the end.

And all this is only possible if you embrace the power of event management software. An event management software enhances event experience from the moment it is promoted, to the registration process, the communication, content and how that content is delivered.

But similar to events, event management software also comes in all shapes and sizes. Despite the different capabilities of the software, some of the benefits cut across all the service providers. Let us look at the top benefits of using event management software.


Benefits and features of using event management software

Automates manual processes

Event management software, no matter how basic or advance it is, makes a planner’s life easier by automating a lot of manual processes associated with event planning. With the seamless flow of data from the software to your CRM, you don’t have to manually transfer data. With data entry work handled by the software, you can focus on maximising registrations and efficiently use your resources on important things like event content and attendee experience. An event management software also reduces typos and errors that creep in when transferring or entering data manually.


Saves time and money

When event management software works with your team, it liberates human potential. When you use technology to automate planning processes, you save time and increase productivity. Good event management software features include registration tracking, payment processing and other tools that can assist in audience engagement. With features such as real-time tracking, you’ll be able to quickly see what is working and what isn’t, how many people have registered, and take appropriate steps, etc. Plus, it also gives you dashboard views of real-time ROI.


Creates personalised communication

Event management software allows you to create customised and personalized communication. This not only saves time but also helps you look professional. With just a few clicks, you can create branded, personalized communication such as registration invite, thank-you and reminder emails. Today attendees prefer personalized communication over system-generated emails. Make your attendees feel special and welcomed by creating tailored communication that is in line with their preferences.


Provides reporting with Ease

Event management software features like reporting is an easy way to prove ROI and create/export customised reports. This data allows event planners to send client reports and reminder emails and schedule surveys.  One of the well rated online event registration software service providers is Eventdex. Eventdex provides event planners with customised reporting and dashboards to assess the progress of events. The real-time analytics of basic information like the number of registrants, popular sessions at events and the number of no-shows are more than enough to further improve the event experience, content and ROI.


Boosts professionalism and the overall experience

A small, intangible yet significant benefit of event management software is that it boosts professionalism. The entire experience becomes much smoother and looks professional. The whole experience should run more smoothly and event management software allows you to do just that. On the contrary, with manual systems, you can easily risk missing important information and create a jarring experience for your attendees. Event registration software also allows you to collect payments seamlessly and gives you the ability to take the registration fee from last minute walk-in registrants.


Increases attendee engagement

Attendee Engagement is at the heart of all marketing events. Attendees want to not only engage with each other but also with the event itself. Event engagement should begin long before an event starts and continue even after it is over. A powerful event management software enables attendees to communicate at all stages of an event. With mobile apps, attendees can see who all are coming, create discussion topics and ultimately build a community of like-minded people trying to solve each other’s problems. An event mobile app also allows you to leverage features like live polling, surveys and even gamification! With so many tools at your disposal, you can ensure your events are a hit amongst your attendees especially when it comes to engagement and networking.


Increases attendance and targeted activity

Marketing is most effective when it is targeted and personalized. And this is only possible when you have an event management software at your disposal. These solutions can tailor your event and all other related marketing activity, including creating unique email lists, sending out targeted emails and building responsive, branded registration pages. These days, almost all event management software comes integrated with social media cause that is where all your participants are. Promote your event on relevant social media channels to not only create an integrated marketing campaign but also increase registrations. Social media is a powerful platform that can completely reimagine event promotion for event organisers around the world.


Gives a centralised system

Event management software is your central hub where all event planning-related activities converge. It holds all the elements of event planning together and brings teams like Marketing, Sales, and finance on the same page. It is an effective way to track lead flow and activities and monitor the time taken to convert a lead. This is your central repository to keep everything connected – from agenda, speakers, to any sponsors, attendees and feedback.



In addition to the benefits mentioned above, there are numerous ways that event management software can make an event planner’s job less stressful. These benefits truly depend on the complexity and features of the software you choose. But the bottom line is that no matter the solution you use, there are some common advantages of this technology that can definitely report higher return on investment, increase engagement, and all in all, build memorable events!

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