Top 10 Benefits Of Using A Business Matchmaking App At Events

The growing popularity of event technology does not seem to subside. Event organisers around the world are exploring different event technologies to alleviate their pain points and reduce stress. One of the several event technologies that have come to the forefront is B2B business matchmaking apps. While some early adopters of this technology have reaped benefits of unimaginable heights of networking at events, others are still looking at its benefits before investing in it. If you’d like to know what business matchmaking apps can do at your next event in addition to increasing networking, then this blog is for you!

Business matchmaking apps are more than just increasing networking at events. Let us look at some of the top benefits of using this technology and how it can help you transform your next event into memorable experiences.

Benefit #1 Increase Networking By Matching Attendees With Exhibitors

The most obvious benefit of business matchmaking event is that this technology promotes networking at events. It can be considered the starting point to improve the business relationship between buyer/seller or exhibitors/attendees. Once the prospect is matched to the right exhibitor, they can meet each other on the day of the event and generate meaningful leads and more revenue for their business. It is also a great way to keep prospects engaged throughout the event.

Benefit #2 Saves time of both buyer and seller

A business matchmaking app can save a ton of time for exhibitors and attendees or buyers and sellers. The app enables focused networking by matching the right audience. It saves valuable time that otherwise would have been spent on finding the right leads or solution provider.

Benefit #3 Targets the best prospects

Generate meaningful leads by targeting the most suitable prospects for your business. This targeted approach not only saves a ton of your time but also allows you to generate more leads for your business.

Benefit #4 Create Personalized Meeting Schedules

Unlike other event apps, business matchmaking apps help your exhibitors/attendees create personalized meeting schedules. Depending upon the app you are using, you can allow your participants to create open, closed, semi-open or even customise the meeting schedules.

Benefit #5 Higher Engagement

If you think that only an event mobile app can drive higher engagement, then think again! Business matchmaking app allows you to have a higher engagement at events by enabling your participants to create unique agendas based on job title, interests, registration level or any other criteria. Having unique agendas also creates customized event experiences.

Benefit #6 Create A Personalized Message

Speaking of customised event experiences, a business matchmaking app allows your buyers and sellers to create personalized messages for each other and have a more targeted networking approach.

Benefit #7 Track Event Data And Extract Detailed Reports

Event data is a gold mine that can help you further improve your evens. It is critical to the success of your event. To tap into the event data, use business matchmaking app that gives insights into your events in real-time. It is your secret weapon that helps you see attendees’ movement and understand their preferences. For an exhibitor, it empowers them to extract their business matchmaking data into to their CRM. This will help them decide which attendees are best suited for their business and do an effective follow up.

Benefit #8 Targeted Post-Event Follow Up

In point number seven, we spoke about event data and how it can help in effective follow-up. Building on to that, a business matchmaking app helps exhibitors take notes and do a post-event follow up based on the information and notes they have collected. This helps them look more professional and fuels up their sales pipeline.

Benefit #9 Share Meaningful Data

A business matchmaking app allows exhibitors to share meaningful content with their matched attendees. This saves them printing costs and ensures that attendees know about their product and services even before they step on to the event floor.

Benefit #10 Make Events Complaint With Data Privacy Rules

With stringent data privacy rules like General Data Protection Regulation, business matchmaking apps make events exhibitors GDPR compliant. After your event is over, your exhibitors only follow up with matched leads that have given their consent to provide more information. This way your exhibitors are sae s from hefty fines while generating more leads for their businesses.


While the benefits of business matchmaking apps revolve around the central point of networking, it cannot be denied that this technology is critical for any trade show or events’ success. When you give your attendees a good networking opportunity, they not only reap all the benefits mentioned above but also have a memorable experience.

To see how our business matchmaking app can help you with your future events, schedule a free demo today. Our solution experts will show you all the functionalities of our app and will also assist you with your other event planning requirements.

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