How to organize a successful event with Business Matchmaking Platform

Business matchmaking apps are extremely popular amongst B2B event organisers. But merely having this software at events doesn’t necessarily mean success. For your matchmaking events to be successful, you need to take care of some of the aspects in the planning and execution processes. Almost one out of two trade show, conference, and B2B event organisers think B2B matchmaking software is critical to their event’s success, according to a survey published by m+a Verlag.

Today, more and more B2B event participants, including your attendees, sponsors and exhibitors, want a measurable return on the time invested in your event.  They expect measurable ROI in terms of value, number of leads, and even some substantial solutions to their problems. The most common mistake by event organisers while planning matchmaking events is that they only start thinking about the software at the fag end of their planning. Because of this, they are unable to tap into the full potential of the technology.

Read this blog to understand how you can organise successful events by using a business matchmaking app at your next event.

The right timing

The timing of when you incorporate business matchmaking app is critical to the success of your event. Promote it from the day you send registration invites or activate the app at least 2-4 weeks before your event starts if not earlier. Your attendees should know about so they can utilize it to the fullest. By using the app well in advance, your attendees will get enough time to build their profile on the app for effective matchmaking later.

Provide discounts and promo codes

If you are wondering the connection between discounts and matchmaking events, then the answer is simple: the number of participants will decide the success of your business matchmaking app. If there are less number of participants then the app will not really give you the desired results. Therefore maximising attendance is a must!

Also, your registrants will have to consciously decide if they want to participate in the matchmaking event, especially after stringent data-protection Regulations.

Use gatekeepers to maintain quality

You need to have certain gatekeepers who will review all registrations and decide who can attend the event and who cannot. This is required to guarantee a higher quality of participants and meaningful connections.

Encourage year-round networking

Sending personalised messages to sponsors, exhibitors and attendees can encourage networking through the year. It will make them log into their profile and see if any new registrant has started using the app.

Contact inactive participants

As an organiser, you need to send reminders and messages to inactive participants to use your b2b matchmaking app. Send them reminders to arrange meetings, update their profile, etc. Sending personalised messages is an effective way to turn inactive registrants into active participants.

Placing targeted sponsoring messages

Depending on certain criteria of the information required in your app, you can infer your participants’ special needs. Once you know the pain points of your attendees, you can send targeted sponsoring messages on the app. This not only solves your attendees’ problems but also helps your sponsor get more visibility in front of the right audience.

Promoting the app

Like mentioned before, timing is critical to the success of business matchmaking app. Right from the Initial kick-off email to the last reminder, make sure you promote the app in every possible manner. Just be careful not to bombard them with a lot of information.

Try to use one event platform

This is particularly true for large events like trade shows and multi-day conferences. Such big events use many event technology providers that not only confuse the participants but also can be intimidating for them. Using a single platform is also beneficial for you since it allows a seamless flow of information from the software to your CRM.

Less is definitely more

When you send a communication to your registrants, ensure that you only provide information that offers the best experience and is suited for them. Do not use a spray gun approach in disseminating information. Try not to ask or provide all the details in one go and keep the information short and crisp.

Leverage platform for communications

Most business matchmaking app offers communication functionality that can be a great way to increase your app usage. Don’t just rely on emails! Use the app to provide all relevant information in one central location. This way you will not only save printing cost but also make it convenient for attendees to look for all the event-related information.

Use explanatory videos

In the digital age, videos are the best way to keep people engaged. If you really want your attendees to use your b2b matchmaking app then create explainer videos of your app. Do not simply assume that they know how the app works. You can also create videos on several other topics, including the benefit of using a matchmaking app and the mechanisms of using it.


Business matchmaking apps have become an indispensable part of the success of big events like trade shows and multi-day conferences. But this magical technology cannot function on its own and needs to used meticulously by event organisers. We hope that these tips will help you plan an even better event with a b2b matchmaking platform. To know more about how matchmaking apps can revolutionise your next event, contact us today!

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